About Chattr

Chattr’s AI-powered digital assistant manages the retail hiring experience from engagement to offer. Their easy to use platform enables business owners to streamline their hiring process, dramatically reducing the costs involved in the traditional hiring process.

The Challenge

A New Beginning

Chattr’s old website’s speed and performance was becoming an issue. Additionally, the way their website had been developed utilized a lot of imagery instead of traditional HTML. As a result, much of their website content wasn’t indexable and not fully responsive. Chattr liked parts of the existing design, but sought to improve the site overall by creating a more consistent look, implementing unique animations, improving user experience, and improving site speed.

Alkali not only delivered on the technical skills, but they literally acted like one of our team members diving head first, always available, immediate responses, over-communication and adherence to timelines.

- Jim Schimpf, Founder

The Solution

Engaging and Fast

Utilizing Next.js, a framework they leverage in their technology stack, we converted all the unnecessary images into pure HTML and CSS. This eliminated the need to load massive images and improved overall responsiveness. We explored unique animations through the development process, ultimately deciding upon animating their branding elements throughout. We improved the user experience by reducing unnecessary information toggles and rearranged relevant content. Finally, we optimized every aspect of the site, reducing the overall site load time by 97%.

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Additional desktop preview of Chattr website
Desktop preview of Chattr website
Tablet preview of Chattr website
Phone preview of Chattr website

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