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About Alkali

Learn more about Alkali and the values that drive us to deliver for our clients, partners, and team.

Constantly Evolving

Alkali, formerly Alkali Designs, was founded in 2015 as a web design and development company. Over the years, we have expanded our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on being technology and marketing experts that are deeply client-oriented. We strive to bring our diverse experiences and knowledge to every client engagement, providing the best possible outcome. We have the technology and marketing experience to bring your vision to life and the commitment to client satisfaction to leave no stone unturned while doing so.

Core Values

We Value People Over Everything

At the heart of every client interaction we have is one common trend: treat everyone as we would like to be treated. We are advisors who put our client’s needs first, never forgetting we are there to serve them.

We Act With Integrity In Everything We Do

Our reputation is incredibly important to us. Holding ourselves to an extremely high standard of integrity benefits us as a company and ensures that our clients receive the most beneficial and unbiased guidance possible.

We Look at the Bigger Picture

We don’t come to a situation with preconceived notions or ideas. Instead, we take a step back, gain a deep understanding of a business problem, and formulate a solution that will provide long-lasting results.

We Are Client Obsessed

The success of our clients is paramount to us. Everything we do is to help our clients achieve their goals. Our devotion to our clients will never waiver, and we will continue to offer the best client service possible.

We Value Diversity of Opinions

No singular person has all the right answers, which is why we surround ourselves with individuals that bring their unique professional and personal experiences and perspectives to the table.

We Take Accountability

Regardless of whether the outcome was good or bad, we own up to our mistakes and do everything we can to ensure they don't happen again. We are constantly striving to learn more and provide the best possible client experience.


Our mission is to gain a deep understanding of your business so that we can serve you best. We value long-lasting relationships and take immense pride in contributing to our client's online success.

- Nick Baudoin, Owner

Why we do what we do

At our core, we genuinely believe that for a business to succeed, they need to have a well-rounded online presence. We don’t look at our services as one-off tasks that need to get checked off for a business to succeed. When a potential client comes to us and says they need help, we don’t say yes and start working. Instead, we spend the time to gain a deep understanding of their business, their struggles, and goals, and we proceed with those front and center. Our solutions have the opportunity to drastically impact a business for the better, and we do everything we can to make sure they do.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It