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About Blockchain Education Network

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to forming a robust network of student organizations for blockchain education, innovation, and development. . BEN was designed to help nascent, burgeoning, and not-yet existing college organizations build a presence on their respective campuses, receive administrative recognition and funding, and to help students connect with similar college groups. We provide educational and professional resources, contacts, speakers, and guidance in order to usher in a new era of electronic finance and innovation.

The Challenge

Transform and Connect

Blockchain Education Network needed to recreate their entire website to better appeal to their target audience. At the core of BEN is their community, and keeping that community informed and updated is critical. In addition, they are an international organization, and with that comes many people needing the ability to collaborate on the website. This required them to have easy processes in place to update site content, such as team members, sponsors, and clubs.

The Solution

Total Connectivity

BEN leverages for much of its organizational functions. It was clear that enabling them to update their website content through a Monday board would be the best solution. Utilizing Monday's API, we set up much of the site to leverage Monday as a content management system. As a result, BEN can easily update and add content while also having a front-end that resonates more with their demographic. Leveraging Next.js for the website's front-end, we delivered a lightning-fast and completely revitalized web experience for BEN's members.

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Additional desktop preview of Blockchain Education Network website
Desktop preview of Blockchain Education Network website
Tablet preview of Blockchain Education Network website
Phone preview of Blockchain Education Network website

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