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About Bobtail

Bobtail empowers carriers with powerful financial tools that help them grow their business and serve them with honesty, transparency, and fairness.

The Challenge

Completing a Rebrand

Bobtail went through a significant rebrand, and they needed a website that was more in line with their new branding. They required seven design screens developed into a fully functioning website that was lightning-fast and easy to maintain after the development. A focal point of the website development was showcasing people whenever possible. Bobtail is very much a people-focused business, and they wanted that front and center.

The Solution

People Focused Design

We took the seven design screens created in Figma and created a fully functional and responsive website. We set up the entire website to be easily maintainable for a non-technical individual and left no stone unturned to have the site running as fast as possible. Through a few iterations during development, we found additional areas to highlight the users of Bobtail, better communicating the company’s mission to help drivers.

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Desktop preview of undefined website
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