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The HID Factory

About The HID Factory

The HID Factory is an automotive lighting customization installer and distributor. They enable the transformation of a vehicle's look by customizing the interior and exterior lighting to give customers a truly unique-looking vehicle.

The Challenge

No Automated Solution

The HID Factory needed an e-commerce solution to house thousands of SKUs and have a highly customizable vehicle filter that wouldn’t take forever to produce results. They spent a lot of time educating customers to make the correct selection, bogging down their customer service resources. In addition, this filter needed to match thousands of possible vehicle configurations with every compatible product they sold and would sell in the future.

I initially engaged Alkali to refresh our e-commerce store and they have continued to provide support ever since. They are always willing to assist and provide input to give our customers the best experience possible.

- Travis Deleon, Operations Manager

The Solution

Fast and Easy to Use

We had to leverage a third-party vehicle lighting fitment database to create a database of all the lighting sizes for all popular vehicle models. We then mapped those to all of the client’s products through a tagging system. To enable this filter to stay up-to-date when new products are added, we designed it so that any new products would populate automatically. To reduce the query time, we leveraged a special data model to optimize the filtering process. Most importantly, this significantly reduced the call volume THF received, freeing up their internal resources.

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