About Go-Cottage

Featured in publications such as Country Living, Domino and HGTV, Go-Cottage offers travelers from around the world a unique vacation rental experience in New York.

The Challenge

Recreate and Maintain Rankings

Go-Cottage’s old website was in dire need of a refresh, bringing it into the modern age. It wasn’t fully responsive but contained years of valuable blog content that needed to be preserved without impacting their SEO. In addition, they wanted to make the website more modern and accurately show the availability of their rental properties as that’s the site's primary call to action.

5 stars all the way! Thank you for building our amazing new website. Top notch, professional, on time, responsive. Can't say enough good things about Alkali.

- Sharon Middendorf, Founder

The Solution

Completely Reimagined

We rebranded their website according to their new branding guidelines and preserved and improved the SEO structure of their blog posts. As a result of this restructuring, Go-Cottage saw an increase in virtually all analytical benchmarks. For the scheduling, they were leveraging Airbnb. Previously they would need to look at Airbnb and then manually create an event in Google Calendar to showcase a property had already been booked. We developed an integration that hooked directly into Airbnb, allowing them to use Airbnb as a singular source of truth for their bookings, minimizing possible customer confusion.

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Additional desktop preview of Go-Cottage website
Desktop preview of Go-Cottage website
Tablet preview of Go-Cottage website
Phone preview of Go-Cottage website

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