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About Fireside

Fireside Investments is a New York-based private investment firm that backs experienced management teams to build leading real estate operating companies and platforms. The firm has invested in and helped build businesses in a variety of industries with attractive fundamentals including Express Car Washes, Marinas, Permanent Exhibition Space, Hospitality, Private Country Clubs and Luxury Camping.

The Challenge

Transforming Fireside Investments' Online Presence

Fireside Investments sought to refresh and invigorate their online presence by updating their website to reflect their new branding. The challenge involved creating a custom WordPress theme that would not only incorporate their new brand elements but also prioritize speed and performance, ensuring an optimal user experience for their visitors.

Alkali did an outstanding job redesigning our website with a custom WordPress theme that highlights our new branding. They achieved the perfect balance of visual appeal, speed, and performance. We're thrilled with the result and highly recommend their services.

- Fireside Investments

The Solution

Tailor-made WordPress Theme for Enhanced Brand Visibility and Performance

To meet Fireside Investments' requirements, Alkali worked in close collaboration with their team, focusing on crafting a unique and visually appealing custom WordPress theme. This tailor-made theme seamlessly integrated Fireside Investments' new branding, while also emphasizing speed and performance, ultimately delivering an exceptional user experience. As a result, the redesigned website effectively showcased their updated brand identity, strengthening their online presence and providing an engaging platform for their target audience.

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Desktop preview of Fireside website
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