About Amenities

Amenities builds loyalty for your Health System through a Digital Membership Platform (DMP) that offers white labelled digital assets to acquire, activate and engage patients in your healthcare ecosystem.

The Challenge

Stand Out and Drive Leads

Amenities had a difficult challenge: stand out from other healthcare technology websites and convey their brand messaging effectively. In addition, they needed the website to generate leads as it was a critical touchpoint for potential customers. They wanted to ensure that the website had a lively appearance and conveyed the importance of the human aspect of their unique service.

Absolute pleasure working with Alkali. They're responsive, pay attention to details, and don't need ANY hand-holding. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for someone who executes!

- Aasim Saeed, MD, Founder/CEO

The Solution

Human Focused Design & Development

To tackle Amenities' challenges, we worked alongside their internal design team to create animated graphics. These graphics were used throughout the website to emphasize the human aspect of healthcare and create a lasting impression that stood out from other healthcare-related websites. We build the website with lead generation in mind, ensuring that it was designed to capture the attention of potential customers and generate leads. By creating a website that effectively conveyed Amenities' brand messaging and generated leads, we were able to provide a solution that met their needs and expand awareness.

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Additional desktop preview of Amenities website
Desktop preview of Amenities website
Tablet preview of Amenities website
Phone preview of Amenities website

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